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| Announcements | November 7, 2014

bill london

This me, Bill Collier, in London on a business trip.

Hello, my name is Bill Collier. I am the editor of the Tioga Freedomist and one of the four partners of Kross Publishing. I will be your chief “community guide” to assist you with using and benefiting from our online buy/sell community for Tioga County PA and beyond. Our company, Kross Publishing, has been managing online communities of all types, including other buy/sell communities and even online games, since 1998. We have managed major online communities for clients as well, many of which have been active national sites.

As you may know our company purchased the rights to The Tioga County PA Online Garage Sale (TM) (R) and we have assumed administration of the Facebook Group by the same name as its former owner, Roger Rose, wanted to retire from ownership responsibilities and spend more time with his family. We were approached because there is a good fit between the vision of that buying.selling community and our “people powered ” approach, The group and the concept of the Online Garage Sale is based on allowing average ordinary people to buy and sell for free to each other as friends and neighbors.

We wanted to take  the Tioga County PA Garage Sale “buy/sell community” to a  whole new level by adding a website which will increase the options and benefits of membership, and for free. For the current members of the Facebook Group, there will be more features, options, and benefits as well as a bigger audience, but not much else will change.

Our newspaper, The Tioga Freedomist, is free to read in print and online, it is a digital daily newspaper with a print component, We pay for our overhead costs of providing those services through sponsors. That will be the model for this new website as well, allowing you, ordinary members of the online community, to buy and sell to friends and neighbors for free and while sponsors, whose ads will appear on the site (nut NOT the Facebook group), allow us to cover overhead and increase options and market the site to help YOU reach more potential buyers and fund more good deals.

This is the new OFFICIAL Tioga County Online Garage Sale website. As with the Facebook group, posting here for individuals is absolutely free. Sign up, for free, and choose a category for your post, and make sure to include a way for people to contact you, If you want to be contacted via Facebook just include a link to your personal Facebook page. To register for FREE CLICK  HERE NOW

The advantage of posting here is that this site is being promoted to a much larger audience, you can post in specific categories, and you don’t have to worry about bumping your post, it will stay put in its its category.

For buyers, the advantage is going to be searching by categories and being able to more easily find what they are looking for.

We will also include a Classifieds Section in The Tioga Freedomist through which we will share items posted here, and all at no cost to you!

If you have any  questions or concerns here is my card to contact me:

bill image


Below you will find our “Community Standards” along with our posting standards for this buy/sell community:

Community Standards

The following applies to any and all Communities of any type, regardless of platform, which are administrated or owned by Kross Publishing.

Use of any of these communities, groups, email lists, forums, and etc,, regardless of platform, constitutes agreement with these standards.

We refer to these communities as “Freedomist Communities”, this being the marquee name for our online communities and news sites.

Posting Protocol

Communicating on a Facebook page, group, or an email list, or anywhere online such as a website comment section is different from face-to-face communication. Only the words are seen, not your facial expressions or tone of voice. Please pay careful attention to how you use your words.

Remember that the words you enter in a burst of passion or anger will be there for you and everyone else to see, sometimes long after those intense feelings have passed.

That’s not meant to discourage spontaneity, but just a friendly reminder of the long-term existence and effects of what you post. You may, from time to time, find yourself in disagreement with someone’s opinion.

At times like these, please keep in mind it’s safer and more polite to take issue with the comments rather than the person.

SPECIAL PROVISION- COMMENT GUIDELINES FOR Sponsored content- a sponsored post feature an advertiser and is their communication, their “space” as it were. While we welcome all opinions, for sponsored posts we ask that any criticism of the advertiser be posted elsewhere, as in a post to page, and not on THEIR thread.

We post sponsored content to help our advertisers get in front of potential customers, supporters, or what have you as part of a larger strategy of marketing their message.

If a comment to a sponsored post detracts from the advertiser’s post and their thread we will remove it. If you want to comment about an ad posted, use the post to page function and start your own thread.

By using the any website, group, page, or list operated as a Freedomist Community or News Site, you agree to abide by these standards, including the following posting standards:

1) You agree to NOT post Any communication that is intended to harass, belittle, humiliate, threaten, ridicule, or cause embarrassment to anyone posting here or to disrupt normal communications.

2) You agree to nor post Profanity or masking your profane words.

3) You agree to not post material that contains vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images. This includes posting links to other sites/media that violate this policy.

4) You agree to not post any communication that contains spam (multiple copies in one area or the same communication in multiple areas) or that is completely unrelated to the topic of discussion or that is irrelevant to the page

5) You agree to not post material that overtly defames, abuses or threatens others, even other political candidates, businesses, organizations, officials, or persons

6) You agree to not post statements that are personally hateful or of an overt racist nature.

7) You agree to not post any sexually-related images or discussion in any form will not be tolerated.

8) You agree to not post about personal issues, issues related to Tioga Freedomist internal affairs or the specific issues of a specific person posting here, and personal conflicts do not belong on the Tioga Freedomist Facebook page or website

9) You agree that every area is private and all content is copyright Kross Publishing or the person who posted that content and is protected under the law. Our communities are all considered to be private communities. You may not copy and paste or use any private information without the express permission of the person who posted it and copying and pasting articles may be a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.- sharing posts does NOT constitute a violation and permission is hereby granted to share any post on any Freedomist or Kross Publishing internet property

SPECIAL NOTE- posts on a ews page, classified page or website that are made in the public area may be printed or re-posted online UNLESS you state otherwise.

10) You agree to not engage in  troll hunting or clone hunting

11) You agree that we reserve the right to decide if a post about an organization, page, or business violates the standards of our community or the standard of relevancy.

12) For GUIDES- due to the nature of Facebook, it is very easy to inadvertently post as the page instead of as yourself, such posts will be deleted immediately, this also applies where you are asked to  log in to a GUIDE account on another platform.

13) You agree that repeated postings, harassment, or any communication that has the effect of disrupting the normal operation and communication of the Freedomist Community page, group, list or website will be deleted

14) Staff from competing entities or websites who demonstrate disrupting, invalidating behaviors (in violation of professional journalistic standards) will be summarily banned from our community.  You can be part of a competing publication, but if we deem your activity to be designed to disrupt the community or discredit our publication, you will be summarily banned with no warning.

15)  Members of competing entities who seek to utilize our internet properties to promote their own entity’s page, website, or publication, or anything, unless receiving previous approval, will be summarily banned.

16) Statements or postings that violate the above terms will be deleted from postings upon discovery.

17) While  our Guides may attempt to notify you if we delete a post, we are under no obligation to do so. Depending on the nature of the violation, the Community Guides are at their discretion to ban the person posting.

18) If you see any questionable activity on ANY Freedomist Community page, list, group, or website, please don’t hesitate to contact us- flag@freedomist.com


We take any questions of our journalistic integrity and reporting standards very seriously, please address concerns to


For The Tioga Freedomist


For all other Freedomist Communities

Community Guides have been instructed not to respond to questions on this page regarding edits, deletions, or any other moderator activity or questions related to issues that should be directed to the Kross Publishing, including the editor or the freedomist community manager, such as issues related to content, reporting, journalistic standards, issues of integrity, personnel issues, or accuracy.

NON-COMPETE-Without prior permission, or if it is discovered after the fact, we do not allow owners, moderators, guides, or administrators from other sites or entities which might compete with our own to become or remain moderators, guides, or administrators of our groups, forums, websites, email lists, or etc.

Simply put, those kind of issues should be addressed to the editor, not in a public forum.

If you have questions, complaints, or problems with action taken by any Community Guide, please send your report to flag@freedomist.com.

Any harassment of the Community Guides will not be tolerated, and will be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct and treated accordingly.
The following general guidelines also apply:

  1. Civility- on all space except for “The Hardball Lounge” (or any location designated as a “no holds barred” in your community) there is NO name calling and being rude and uncivil
  2. Conflict- we encourage members to keep their quarrels in private, if your community has an Ombudsman or individuals who handle resolving conflicts, feel free to contact them, if not, contact the group owners, moderators, guides, or administrators
  3. Content, on our servers or on any of our groups (Yahoo, MSN, Google) must basically be “family friendly” unless it is designated as for adults, however anything extremely vulgar or beyond is prohibited EVEN IF your group is on Yahoo or MSN in the ADULT AREA
  4. Ownership- ALL Freedomist Communities that are on MSN, GOOGLE, or Yahoo Groups,  NING, Facebook, and etc MUST be owned by a Freedomist Community Administrator
  5.  TOS- on any hosted group all members must abide by the Terms of Service of the host, e.g. Yahoo Groups, Facebook, Twitter, and etc., however any ABUSE of TOS to harass members or to circumvent our conflict resolution protocol will be cause for moderation or banning
  6. Privacy and Clones- we do not allow clones, more than one ID per individual, unless your group is a simulation that allows clones and we expect all chats and discussions to be considered private and confidential- disclosure of any material without the permission of he author outside of the group is forbidden
  7. Content use- all content is Copyright Freedomist Communities, the member community, or the author and must not be copied, posted, used, transmitted or etc, unless prior permission has been obtained- content may be re-used within the community by Administration, or shared publicly in our print or online publications, provided it is first posted in a PUBLIC AREA and if it is posted publicly in a news site or classifieds site may be published in print or online unless the originator thereof explicitly requests it not be used NOTE- if you POST AN ITEM and do not request that it not be used, it may be re-published online or in print, for instance an ad posted in a Facebook group might be shared by us on an online site or in print, or an announcement for an event, or an opinion comment on a new site. Simply add (NO REPOST) to the end of the comment or post and it will not be reposted.
  8. GROSS Insensitivity- if you are found using racially insensitive remarks or otherwise making statements that are deemed to be inflammatory and against our basic Christian ethic we will require that you make atonement by means of a formal letter of apology and a donation to a non profit entity that serves the offended audience with a $100 or greater donation, with proof to be mailed back to the community where you made the offending remark. Freedomist Communities do not tolerate any kind of hate speech or serious insensitivity to any group of individuals.


BUY/SELL Standards

On buy/sell groups transactions are largely between the two parties involved, the party selling may choose to sell to whomever they wish and the party buying likewise. Administration will NOT mediate disputes between buyers and sellers which do not involve a violation of the host sites terms of use, our own Community Standards, or specific standards within the buy/sell group, website, or forum.

1. NO POSTING OF FIREARMS except where designated and except within the parameters of Federal, State, and local laws and ordinances. NO TRANSACTION can occur unless the sale is processed THROUGH a local FFL license holder who performs a background check, as required by law.

(NOTE- we are moving such sales from any Facebook Group to our website- postings will continue to be free and you can post JUST THE LINK to your posting in the Facebook Group you belong to).


2. USE CORRECT CATEGORIES- please post your item(s) for sale in the right category, if categories exist. For instance, Garage Sale Items need to be placed in the FREE Garage Sale categories, and the appropriate category within Garage Sale Items at that

3. NO PRICE CHANGING within Facebook Groups- while you can change the price of an item in an online listing other than a Facebook Group, common etiquette it to NOT change prices, as for instance if someone suggests you can get more for an item then reposting it, it is considered very poor etiquette and will give you, as a seller, a bad reputation

4. DESCRIPTIONS MUST ACCOMPANY PHOTOS- such items as size, weight, color, year, miles, condition and the such must accompany pictures so that the person who sees it knows exactly what it being offered

5. BUMPING ITEMS- every time you comment on a post it moves it to the top in Facebook Groups, so please do NOT abuse this and constantly “bump” a post by commenting. Once a day is certainly recommended. Online posting in our specialized site(s) are posted as is in their category, you don’t need to bump them or repost them, Featured ads are paid for, the cost is usually $1.

6. COMPLETE YOUR TRANSACTIONS- if a buyer or seller is reported to us who does not complete their agreed upon transactions we will look into the matter and try to help resolve it and/or we may suspend or remove (as in ban) that individual once we determine that they do not complete transactions more than 2 separate times

7. BE ETHICAL AND LEGAL- a common sense standard of ethic, giving people what you say they are buying, truth in advertising, making the buyer aware of any defects or issues, and ensuring that what you are selling or buying is legal and lawful should suffice for most all transaction

8. ALL OTHER STANDARDS APPLY- see our general community standards, they apply to EVERY group, website, virtual community, forum, or etc administrated or owned by Kross Publishing

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